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Your business dynamically develops,
Your company aspires to become the leader in the market,
You in search of new opportunities for growth.

The centre of administrative consultation "-SYNTHESIS" for you offers:
  • To increase your incomes;
  • To leave on new commodity markets;
  • To find reliable partners in business.

    Our slogan: " Strategically to think and effectively to operate with you! "

    Our mission: « The Creative collective of professionals of the Centre of administrative consultation « -SYNTHESIS », creating and supporting partner business - attitudes about dynamical - developing enterprises, helps them to be even more successful in the market, and to people working at these enterprises to become happier on work, irrespective of branch and a place of their presence(finding). »

    The basic directions of activity "-SYNTHESIS":
    1. Development and presentation of corporate market strategy and organizational development. Introduction of processes of strategic operation of business.
    2. Development and examination of business - plans, marketing programs, marketing communication plans.
    3. Development, introduction and development of internal standards of management.
    4. Development and introduction of trainings - consultations in the field of practical marketing and management of sales.
    5. Marketing researches.

    At performance of each project the collective of adherents of our centre is guided by the following values:
    1) The complete approach to consideration of business - problems and concentration on the decision of most important of them.
    2) Decency and professionalism of the employees, full confidentiality of the information received during the project.
    3) Timeliness of performance of the project.
    4) Flexibility at performance of the project.
    5) High quality of researches.
    6) Attraction of experience and knowledge of high quality experts in various branches of a national economy.
    7) Active introduction in life constructive and valuable suggestions

    The world of business develops today more promptly, than ever. A determinative of success in business – effective application of marketing researches.
    We work to provide you with the information exact, reliable, objective, proved, modern and concerning your business.

    Let's be glad to construct with you partner attitudes(relations)!

    The offers and wishes, please, actively place in the guest book of our site. We with pleasure shall try to answer all your questions.

  • News
     • 02/08/2006 15:33
    The first was held in territory of the Volga region complex research of sphere of interaction of formation(education) and a labour market
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    News of regions
     • 07/17/2006 10:33
    Whether you know the consumer?
     • 07/17/2006 10:32
    "-SYNTHESIS" develops partner attitudes(relations) with mass media
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